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Safety lock

When the safety lock mode is activated, you no longer have to worry about naughty kids who may accidentally touch the control panel and change the mode you have installed. Turning on the safety lock means that the other keys are not adjustable until you turn off the lock.

Overheating safety system

Cooking with high power over a long period of time can damage the internal components of the induction hob, reducing the life of the hob and exposing the user to dangerous situations. With Mergo, when you cook for longer than the default time of the hob, the smart sensor will automatically turn off the hob to ensure food is not burnt and safe for users.

Residual heat device

Induction hobs are large capacity cookers, when the glass's temperature is too hot, this function will signal to you that you should not touch the hob surface, it can be dangerous. This is also a necessary feature to ensure safety for users, avoiding burns and accidents. For Mergo hobs, this function will be activated as soon as the hob surface reaches 50 degrees Celsius.


Overflow safety device

This is the most useful function of induction hob. During cooking, you may accidentally spill water or left it behind and food spill out. In older generation stoves, when overflow occurs, the stove will continue to boil while the water will continue to overflow. However, the high-end Mergo hob is different. When detected signs of movement will immediately emit a warning sound and automatically turn off the stove.


Other features


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Smart features

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