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Schott Ceran glass

All Schott Ceran glass are exclusive products of leading manufacturing technology in Germany at Chott International Technology Group in Mainz. They are made from high quality float glass, heated to a softening point of about 700 degrees Celsius and then cooled quickly by a cold stream of air blowing onto the surface of the glass evenly and precisely to harden the compressive stress on the glass surface and create a tough, hard film.

Eurokera glass

Eurokera glass - made in France (K +) stands for glass ceramic ceramic glass super durable, capable of bearing and high heat resistance. This glass is manufactured exclusively for induction hob, induction hob, electric hob, gas hob ... because of its high heat resistance of 700 degrees Celsius and high compressive strength. Designed to comply with strict European technical standards, the production line is ISO14000 certified, kính Eurokera hoàn toàn có thể tái chế. Mặt kính có nhiều màu sắc, mẫu mã đa dạng, mặt kính nguyên khối có độ bền cao.

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