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Learn about induction hob, infrared stove

1. Distinguish gas stove, infrared stove and induction cooker

  • Gas stove: uses gas to create a spark for cooking, old families in the past used this type and are still very popular today. This type of stove has poor performance, takes up space (put gas cylinders), is very dangerous because it is easy to explode, emit a lot of heat to make people stand cooking.
  • Infrared stove: run on electricity, the surface is completely flat, using electricity generates heat radiation to heat the kitchen surface, any type of pot on the stove will be heated according to ( like using a gas stove) but here does not create a flame, allowing baking food directly on the surface of the stove, higher performance than gas stove. When operating, it will produce a pinkish red light on the top of the stove, very hot, which can cause burns if placed on the kitchen surface, the surface of the kitchen will cool down for a long time. Infrared cooker is not picky pot, can use any kind of pot or container to cook. Infrared kitchen easy to clean and clean kitchen surface.
  • Induction hob: is electrically operated, the surface is completely flat, using electromagnetic fields to heat the pot (must use a cooker designed for induction hob). The surface around the stove is completely hot (or very hot), you can put your hands around the kitchen surface and it is safe because human skin is not magnetic material so it does not generate heat. And the food, water, and liquid contained in the pot will receive all the heat generated so it will boil with very high efficiency. When operating does not produce reddish red light on the surface like infrared stove. Very picky pot, only use with the pot made of magnetic metal, or simply ask the seller of the pot made to cook with the induction hob. Easy to clean, clean kitchen surface. The bottom of the pot is not dirty and not burnt black. Most energy efficient in all 3 types.
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Of these 3 types, the induction cooker is the most efficient and up to 90% (of gas cookers is 40%). Nearly all the energy of the electric current will be concentrated inside the pot, while the gas stove and infrared stove concentrate the heat on the top of the stove, radiating a lot of heat and this is also the part of energy lost, causing waste.

The infrared stove's surface is hot (image: Amazon)

The induction hob is also the safest type, less likely to explode like a gas stove and when cooking the surface will not heat up as much as the infrared stove.

Some other advantages of induction hob compared to infrared stove:
  • Quick heat: cook food faster> save a lot of time for the host. Those who are busy should keep this factor in mind, taking the time to do other things.
  • Quick cooling: actually after cooking, the surface will not be as hot as the infrared stove, providing high safety, almost no chance of causing burns when accidentally placed on kitchen surface.

The common disadvantage of infrared and magnetic cookers is that they must have electricity to cook, power outages should be eaten offline. But in return not afraid of running out midnight gas.

Because each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, there are different types of cookstoves that integrate both types of cookers, one on the stove and one on the infrared stove, or one infrared stove and three magnetic cookers. the situation of pots and pans and depending on the dish, how to choose the cooking stove to suit. If possible, buy one that has both stoves.

For example, my family is only in two people, less cooking, time is gold, safety is above all, so I choose the induction hob (or the medium has an infrared hob and an infrared stove) because:

  • When the kitchen is highly safe, I have to pay less attention to its disadvantages. To relax the mind.
  • When the kitchen is highly safe, I have to pay less attention to its disadvantages. To relax the mind....
  • Kitchen from operation does not radiate as much heat as infrared stove> home will be cooler.

2. What is induction hob? Why is its price so expensive? (several tens of millions)

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A hob is a stove that is made to sound downward under the kitchen surface, instead of a gas stove / infrared stove / induction hob is a table top stove, the hob is designed to be placed under the kitchen table. . Using a built-in stove, you will have a completely flat kitchen surface from left to right (or only a few millimeters raised). Kitchen soundproof bring high aesthetics, looking both beautiful and modern.

A kitchen with two types of kitchen can be purchased for ~ 2 million (single kitchen sometimes only a few hundred thousand), but if the same type of stove from that pair used negative stoves, the price up to 20 million is what normally, even more expensive for types with more stoves. So why is there such a big price difference? Reason:

  • Induction cookers are usually made by large brands, using high-quality materials and have high durability, good strength and better heat resistance. And the smaller firms choose to make positive stoves because of the low cost, the constituent materials (kitchen covers, glass surfaces, components) are not as high as.
  • There are more features such as multiple cooking modes, cooking timer, auto shut-off mode and many safety features.